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Hartley Council No.74

Hartley Council was the first, in 1972, of three Masonic Units formed to meet at Wilmington on 5th Saturdays in the year. The other two units being Temple Builders Conclave OSM (1974) and Frederick William Friday Conclave No.336, Red Cross of Constantine (1979). After 1979, it was the usual practise to hold Red Cross in the morning, all travel to Orpington for lunch at the house of the well-known Brother Phil Corbett, then return to Wilmington for OSM / AMD, followed by the Festive Board held in the last Order of the day.

Most of the Founders were ‘Masonic Powerhouses’ of the time, including the Founding Secretary, James Owen Lay, who held that Secretaryship until his retirement in 1996, a total of 24 years.

It is worthy of note that in 50 years there have only been four Secretaries of Hartley Council.

In 1996, for various reasons, Hartley & Temple Builders moved to the Westwood Centre, Welling, leaving Fred Friday Conclave at Wilmington.

In 2001, both Hartley and Temple Builders moved to Sidcup, where they were re-joined by Fred Friday Conclave.

However, the format was changed to Red Cross in the morning, followed by an open, non-denominational buffet lunch, with no speeches, followed by Hartley, then Temple Builders, these two switching on the second meeting of the year. It was, and it remains, the intention to be all finished by just after 5pm, to allow members to spend the Saturday evenings with their families.

This congregation has become known as the ‘Sidcup Saturday Club’, and has resulted in all three units flourishing, each becoming the most popular and largest unit in Kent in each of the three Orders.

You can contact Hartley Council No.74 by emailing the Secretary, W.Bro. J.McG. Norton-Doyle, PGStB: Click here

Meeting Dates
First (Installation), second and third fifth Saturdays in the Calendar Year, excluding July

Place of Meeting
The Masonic Hall, Church Road, Sidcup, Kent DA14 6BX
  Worshipful Master W.Bro. S.J. Dunn
  IPM W.Bro. M.C. Elphick
  Senior Warden Bro. G. Harvey
  Junior Warden Bro. P.N.W. Preidel
  Chaplain W.Bro. T.I. Lundegard, PGIG
  Treasurer W.Bro. P.C. Clare, PGIG
  Secretary W.Bro. J.McG. Norton-Doyle, PGStB
  D of C W.Bro. P.W. Hutchinson
  Charity Steward  
  Senior Deacon Bro. R. Richards
  Junior Deacon Bro. L.J. Curtis
  Asst. D of C W.Bro. A. Cook
  Asst. Secretary W.Bro. P.J. Wise, PGJD
  Organist W.Bro. K.C. Johnson, PGIG
  Inner Guard Bro. S.P. Donovan
  1st Steward Bro. M.M.R. Duque
  2nd Steward Bro. D.J.B. Callnon
  3rd Steward Bro. R.S. Hughes
  Tyler W.Bro. A.J. Maslin, PGStwd
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