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District Grand Council of Kent buffer Invicta Council No.54
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A history of Invicta Council No.54

The Invicta Council No.54 was consecrated on Monday 5th April 1954 at the Franklin Rooms, Gillingham Kent by the Grand Master R.W.Bro. Charles Herbert Perrance.

There were eleven founders. The Primus Master was W.Bro. William Argentine McIntosh Valon with Bro. William Charles Dillon Hills as the first Senior Warden and Bro. John George Cull as the first Junior Warden.

The other eight founders were: Bro.’s Fredrick William Friday, Bartholmew Foskett, Walter Cyril Cocking, Alexander Beveridge, Charles Littler Smith, Lt. Col. Gordon Edward Stevens and Sydney Ernest Ward and W.Bro. George Walter Hookham (Past Master of the Britannic Council of Madeira No.46).

The Council has been privileged to have many distinguished Brethren within its ranks, many of which have been heads of other Orders within the District of Kent, mainly: Fredrick William Friday, Ronald Charles Crossfield Frizzell, Peter John McIntyre, John Alfred Dalley, Howard Francis Doe and Colin Tunbridge to name a few.

It has also included many Right Worshipful Brethren within its ranks:
  • Clive Robert Manuel (Dep.G.M., P.DistG.Pref. Kent)
  • Frank Joseph Crow (P.Dep.G.M., P.DivG.Pref. South Eastern Counties)
  • Guy Patrick Rudguard (P.Div.G.Pref. South Eastern Counties)
  • Harry A. Stokes (P.Div.G.Pref. South Eastern Counties)
  • Roy Albert John Williams (P.DistG.Pref. Kent)
  • Sidney Ernest Ward (P.G.J.W.)
  • Walter Simpson (P.G.J.W.)
  • George Walter Hookham (P.Div.G.Pref. South Africa)
  • and also still a member of the Council, R.W.Bro. Terence Albert Denis Bowler (P.G.S.W, Past Dep.Dist.G.Pref. Kent)
Invicta Council formed one of the Divisional Councils when R.W.Bro. Roy Albert John Williams was the Divisional Grand Prefect – being part of the reformation when the boundaries that crossed over into Surrey, Sussex and London were changed from the Division of the South Eastern Counties, forming the new District of Kent.

Very sadly, the historical Summonses of this Council only go back as far as the sixty-fifth meeting on Monday 27th October 1969 and the attendance book as far back as the fifty-ninth meeting on Monday 23rd October 1967. The first twenty years have been misplaced and are now probably lost.

The Council has always met at the Franklin Rooms, being the very first Council to have a real bridge for the degree of the Red Cross of Babylon – and in 2022; the first Council in Kent to have a banner.

You can contact Invicta Council No.54 by emailing the Secretary, W.Bro. J. Cameron-Potter: Click here

Meeting Dates
Fourth Monday in October (Installation), third Monday in February and second Monday in June

Place of Meeting
The Masonic Hall, Franklin Road, Gillingham, Kent ME7 4DG
Officers 2023-24
  Worshipful Master W. Bro. Neville Fourie
  IPM W. Bro. Mark Kirkby
  Senior Warden Bro. William Pennell
  Junior Warden W. Bro. Colin Tunbridge
  Chaplain W. Bro. Howard Doe
  Treasurer W. Bro. Graham Mitchell
  Secretary W. Bro. Jason Cameron-Potter
  D of C W. Bro Michael Plant
  Almoner W. Bro. Trevor Harrison
  Senior Deacon Bro. Christian Doll
  Junior Deacon W. Bro. Dvid Raymond
  Asst. D of C W. Bro Ralph Craig
  Asst. Secretary Bro. David Reeves
  Banner Bearer W. Bro, Reginald Taylor-Harding
  Inner Guard W. Bro. David Lucas
  Steward W. Bro. David Cantlon
  Steward W. Bro. Derek Edwicker
  Steward Bro. Brian Tyler
  Tyler W. Bro. Alan Moore
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