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District Grand Council of Kent buffer Paddock Wood Council No.88
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Paddock Wood Council No.88

This Council was consecrated on 21st June 1978 at Paddock Wood by the then Grand Master, M.W. Bro. Arthur Albert Murphy and the first Worshipful Master was W. Bro. Ernest Eric White. Among the first Officers were very active Kent Freemasons of the time, W. Bros. Kenyon Carnarvon Brown as Chaplain, James Owen Lay as Secretary and Frederick Stephen Burton as Director of Ceremonies.

In its short existence, the Council has been honoured twice by a visit by the then Grand Master M.W. Bro. Brig. G.L. Galloway, D.S.O., O.B.E. On the first occasion on 29th August 1990 the acting Grand Director of Ceremonies was W. Bro. J. Bonomy. At this meeting the Grand Master presented Bro. R.B. de Gray with his Grand Council Certificate. As part of the Council business two resolutions were passed (a) to change the meeting place to the present venue at Wrotham and (b) to change the meeting dates to those now current, the Fourth Wednesday in January, April and August. The second visit was on 26th August 1992 when W. Bro. R.B. de Gray was Worshipful Master. The Grand Master stated that this visit was one of his last Official visits as he had already announced his retirement.

In recent years three Worshipful Masters of the Council, at a later date, have been appointed Executive Officers of Grand Council, R.W.Bro. R.B. de Gray P.G.J.W., as Grand Treasurer, R.W.Bro. N.A.B. Grout P.S.G.W., as Grand Treasurer and R.W. Bro. K.J. Jones President of the Executive committee.

By tradition, the January and August Meeting usually works one or more Degrees and the Installation Meeting is in May. The August Meeting has been followed by a white table but recently this has been replaced by a Sunday lunch.

You can contact Paddock Wood Council No.88 by emailing the Secretary, W.Bro. D.A. Griffiths: Click here

Meeting Dates
Fourth Wednesdays in May (Installation), fourth Wednesdays in August and fourth Wednesdays in January

Place of Meeting
The Masonic Hall, St Marys Road, Wrotham, Kent TN15 7AN
Officers 2024-25
  Worshipful Master W. Bro. Nigel Cash
  IPM W. Bro. Bob Gaywood
  Senior Warden Bro. David James
  Junior Warden Bro. David Austin
  Chaplain W. Bro. Anthony Waspe
  Treasurer W. Bro. Graham Higgs
  Secretary W. Bro. Duncan Griffiths
  D of C W. Bro. David Barden
  Almoner W. Bro. Dave Barden
  Senior Deacon Bro. Anthony Chapman
  Junior Deacon Bro. Peter Hayler
  Asst. D of C W. Bro. Roy Hartley
  Inner Guard Bro. Ken Lorberg
  Steward Bro. Garry Nash
  Tyler W. Bro. Pieter Swinge
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