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West Kent Council No.66

The West Kent Council No.66 was granted its warrant on the 19th December 1966 following a successful petition by 12 founding members and was consecrated on the 17th April 1967 at Oakley house in Bromley. The cost of granting the warrant was £7.7s.0d. In addition to this there was a fee of £0.5s.0d per member bringing the total cost of the warrant up to £10.7s.0d.

In preparation for the day one hundred consecration summonses were printed by T W Jenkins Printers and Stationers of Bexleyheath at a cost of £5.18s.6d, plus postage. The caterers, Ruskin Caterers of Sidcup were engaged to prepare the festive board. The menu chosen for the consecration dinner was Cream of Celery Soup with a roll and butter to start followed by Sirloin Steak served with Onions, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Garden Peas and French Fries. A dessert of Fresh Fruit Salad with Fresh Cream followed by Cheese & Biscuits and Coffee completed the selection. All this for the cost of £1.10s per person, which is the equivalent approximately £19 today.

Founding members of the West Kent Council No.66:
  • Cornelius James Sutton
  • Ernest Eric White
  • Ronald George Ferguson Vallance
  • Leonard James Lindsey Boag
  • Bryan Whynnett
  • Anthony Clifford Brill
  • Frank Sidney Hyland
  • Andrew Struthers Semple
  • Leisley Reginald Austin
  • William Anderson-Scott
  • Harold Standen Mayer
  • Sidney Ernest Ward

You can contact West Kent Council No.66 by emailing the Secretary, W.Bro. M.A. Woolcott: Click here

Meeting Dates
Third Wednesday in October (Installation), third Wednesday in February and second Wednesday in June

Place of Meeting
Oakley House, Bromley Common, Bromley, Kent BR2 8HA
Officers 2023-24
  Worshipful Master W. Bro. Raymond Reginald Johnson
  IPM W. Bro. David Miller
  Senior Warden Bro. Martin White-Peart
  Junior Warden Bro. Paul Gillingham
  Chaplain W. Bro. Paul Butler
  Treasurer W. Bro. Roger Croucher
  Secretary W. Bro. Mark Woolcott
  D of C W. Bro Perri Ahmet
  Almoner W. Bro. Steve Turner
  Senior Deacon Bro. John Jerome
  Junior Deacon W. Bro. Jody Townsend
  Asst. D of C W. Bro Archie Torrance
  Asst. Secretary R. W. Bro. David Viggers
  Inner Guard W. Bro. Jamie Allan
  Steward W. Bro. Alan Coxan M.B.E.
  Steward W. Bro. Kevi Murphy
  Tyler Vacant
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