Allied Masonic Degrees

Allied Masonic Degrees of England and Wales and Districts and Councils Overseas

District Grand Council Of Kent

Invicta No.54 Officers

Council Officers2019-2020
Worshipful MasterW.Bro. A.J. Gillespie
IPMW.Bro. D.C. Cantlon
Senior WardenBro. M.D. Stevens, OBE
Junior WardenBro. D.I. Lucas
ChaplainW.Bro. H.F. Doe, PGStB
TreasurerW.Bro. G.M. Mitchell
SecretaryW.Bro. A.J. Stirling
Director of CeremoniesW.Bro. M.J. Plant
Almoner & Charity StewardW.Bro. T.J. Harrison, PGJD
Senior DeaconBro. M.S. Kirby
Junior DeaconBro. N. Fourie
Asst. Director of CeremoniesW.Bro. R.M. Craig, PGJD
Asst. SecretaryBro. D.T. Reeves
Inner GuardW.Bro. D. Edwicker, PGStB
1st StewardW.Bro. D.C.W. Raymond
2nd StewardW.Bro. D.J. Norris
3rd StewardW.Bro. C.P. Tunbridge, PGStB
TylerW.Bro. A.D. Moore, PGStB