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A Contingent from Kent visit Surrey

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On Saturday, 3rd December 2022, the District Grand Prefect R.W. Bro. Peter Christopher Brockbank supported by a large contingent of his officers from Kent attended the Annual Meeting of the District of Surrey AMD.

The contingent from Kent, which included his Deputy and other District Grand Officers, all of whom were warmly welcomed by brethren of Surrey and then again by R.W.Bro. John French, the District Grand Prefect for Surrey during his meeting.

A Contingent from Kent visit Surrey The Kent contingent

A Contingent from Kent visit Surrey Surrey Masonic Hall

Pre-dinner drinks were provided to all the guests and, amazingly, there were a large number of pints of Guinness selected, which prompted the District Grand Prefect to remark that the Kent contingent was made up entirely of Guinness converts. A remark strongly contested by his Deputy who politely remarked that Guinness was not to his taste and should never have been allowed to leave Ireland.

The District of Surrey was well supported by local Brethren and Brethren from further afield thus making it a memorable and most enjoyable day.

Following the meeting the brethren all dined together at the festive board and enjoyed smoked chicken salad followed by poached salmon, served with new potatoes and roasted vegetables, followed by a very tasty apple toffee crumble and ice cream. All of the above was washed down with copious quantities of wine.

It should also be noted that the assembled brethren were treated to very humorous toast given by our very own Clive Manuel to the District Grand Prefect of Surrey. His toast was immediately followed by the presentation of a ‘cartoon sketch’ depicting R. W. Bro John French sporting Chelsea Football Club Regalia by his Deputy Bob Tuthill. The response by the District Grand Prefect to both was hilariously funny.

A Contingent from Kent visit Surrey Presentation by Bob Tuthill

A Contingent from Kent visit Surrey RWBro John French's Transfer certificate

A Contingent from Kent visit Surrey Clive in midstride of his toast to John French

Clearly a truly memorable day which showcases the tremendous fun had by all of those who attend an Allied Masonic Meeting.

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